Interview with BLÄCKFISK Adept (part 1)


We are wholly vested and highly interested in our community, and we want to know your problems and help you solve them. We are growing and developing together with our community members, and so we decided to dig a little deeper into public opinion about our undertaking and took an interview from @olgbidda— our Telegram subscriber. And here is what we got.

Hi there! So, tell us, how did you find your way to the crypto market?

I learned about the crypto market back in 2017 on the hype wave of Bitcoin. I was excited about the earning potential it offered and so I got into studying the market and eventually joined it.

Have you ever traded any cryptocurrencies on the market?

Yes, I have traded on CEX exchanges before, tried quite a number of them. But every time I tried was unsuccessful and I lost about $5,000 in total over the last three years.

How long have you been using trading bots?

It has been about a year since I started using my first bot. But, besides trading bots, I like the idea of ​​a Front Run bot and how it takes advantage of the price difference between two or more markets and then profits on asset imbalances

And that is absolutely right, because our bots can help traders make up 400% per month in profits!

Any of our subscribers can become the star of an interview, and if the community is interested in the given format of communication, we will shortly select more subscribers and hear them out.

We wanted to test this format. Clap it, if you loved it! PM me in the chat:


And we’ll make an interview with you!


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AI based arbitrage&frontrun bots

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AI based arbitrage&frontrun bots

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