Well, well, well…Finally, octopuses meet this day! The Great Day! Today we’re launching the BLÄCKFISK NFT Farming!

But what is BLÄCKFISK NFT? Why should octopuses farm it? What will octopuses get? So many questions… our BLÄCKFISK loves questions! But BLÄCKFISK loves to answer the questions much more!


We've told a bit about it in our Medium post [Why does BLÄCKFISK need NFT?]. Briefly:

NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is a crypto asset that is the digital representation of a real, unique asset. In essence, NFTs are the digital representatives of real-world assets that function as proof of their existence, uniqueness, authenticity and rights of ownership.

So BLÄCKFISK NFT is an ERC721 token with a cool picture representing it.

– Why should I farm BLÄCKFISK NFT?

Look. A long time ago at the start we had next profit distribution:

Now we've changed the team and development profit: it’s 25%. 5% will be distributed among NFT hodlers (from 5 ETH to XXX ETH) every MONTH!

– What picture will these NFT have?

We’ll have many NFTs: Rare, Typical, Brilliants, etc…10K items in common.

We already have one design. Our great octopus won the contest and his art will be one of our NFTs! But for others…Stay tuned and follow the news…we have some surprises :)

– Ok, Mr. BLÄCKFISK, but could you clarify one moment. What conditions for farming are?

  1. First of all you will farm INK tokens, that later will be used to mint unique NFTs;
  2. One NFT farming round lasts 15 days. Counting from the moment you've staked $BLFI tokens. For example, if you stake tokens on March 4th, you will get your INK token to mint unique NFT on March 18th;
  3. Each 10 $BLFI tokens staked farm 1 BLFI — NFT token (we've called them INK tokens, ERC20); 1 INK = 1 NFT!
  4. If you stake 100 $BLFI tokens, you will farm10 INK tokens in 15 days and so on.
  5. Increasing the staked balance does not speed up the INK token farming. You can stake 1,000 $BLFI tokens or more, but you will get your NFTs in 15 days after you've staked the $BLFI tokens.
  6. Once a month we'll be distributing 5% of bot’s profits among EVERY NFT holder.

Please notice! Your $BLFI will be locked for 15 days! You won’t be able to unstake them for 15 days!

INK Address: 0xe971653c68c58cbbd2fabddce439312daa074aa8

– How can I get this NFT?

You should stake $BLFI. Please read the instruction here.

Octopuses, please, follow the news! We have some surprises for you and more info about NFT farming! Our Telegram will be telling you them. 🐙

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AI based arbitrage&frontrun bots

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AI based arbitrage&frontrun bots

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