[18–24 MAR RESULTS + 25–31 MAR PLANS]

plans + results

Octopuses wanna chill…but no time to chill! Here in crypto ocean, King Octopus BLÄCKFISK is chasing the dreams. Crypto Dreams, when all bots are working well and octopuses get XXXXX profits daily.

We’ve built a habit! Every 7 days we provide to our great octopuses the report with results and plans. The habit will be living forever if you repeat the action. Let the BLÄCKFISK tell you something:


  • We earned $200,000 in just over a month!
  • We burned $500,000 in just over a month!
  • Earned: $58,267; TOTAL: $235,465 ( 134.52 ETH );
  • We burned $18,421;
  • We made a new Medium post about NFT Farming;
  • We made a poll regarding NFT distribution + we chose the most voted option (100% distribution among all hodlers);
  • We chose the most voted option in the poll regarding improvements (More AMAs);
  • We’ve extended the video contest;
  • We made a post regarding NFT distribution (April 3);
  • We fixed the dashboard;
  • We’ve being testing the Sell Bot;
  • We've made Twitter and Telegram Marketing campaigns.

25–31 MAR PLANS:

  • Communications regarding AMA;
  • Second NFT Collection Cover;
  • New improvements voting;
  • Continue the Sell Bot tests;
  • Continue the bots improvements;
  • Choose the video contest winner;
  • New marketing campaigns for Twitter and Telegram;
  • Launch a new contest;

Thank you for your support and love, octopuses! We’re flying to the moon from the crypto ocean!







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AI based arbitrage&frontrun bots

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AI based arbitrage&frontrun bots

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